Things I like to do...

Music: I have always been a music lover, and have been playing piano since I was a child and guitar and saxophone since high school.

  • In my earlier years, I experimented with electronic music, producing a series of albums in my spare time.
  • I play jazz guitar, but not very seriously anymore.


  • I have been surfing since age 16. I manage to hit the waves here in the bay area once or twice a week.
  • I am an avid rockclimber. I worked at a rock climbing gym for 4 years throughout my undergrad, setting routes for competitions and daily climbers, teaching belay classes, and goofing around when appropriate.
  • I have been moderately active in indoor pickup soccer and playing casually these days.


  • I spent 4 months traveling alone in China as an 18 year old. I lived in a book factory in Dongguan, learning Mandarin and teaching English and golf to the workers and management. Then I spent the next few months traveling through GuangXi and YunNan provinces, Hong Kong, and Beijing. Unfortunately, I have forgotten almost all of my Mandarin at this point!
  • After graduation, I went on a trip through New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand. I eventually got a job doing research at the Centre for Quantum Technologies in the National University of Singapore (NUS). I was able to go on a few side trips with friends to Taiwan, Vietnam, and Indonesia during that time.
  • Am fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to meetings as part of the Accelerator on a Chip (ACHIP) collaboration. In the past year, I have visited Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Hungary in the weeks after these meetings.

Food: I enjoy cooking (when I have time) and esecially working on fermentation projects.

  • I'm currently obsessive about sourdough bread.
  • I've been brewing beer for the past 2 years. So far I have made several styles, but will begin brewing German Style Lagers as soon as I get the proper equiptment.